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Noordermarkt Organic Farmers Market
Featured by Canadian TV chef Michael Smith for his series Chef Abroad
Chef Abroad star Michael Smith chats with Marije Vogelzang at Amsterdam's Noordermarkt farmers market, during filming for a special edition of Chef Abroad
Filming at the Noordermarkt for Michael Smith's Chef Abroad TV Series

March 8th – 2008: The Canadian based star of the TV series Chef Abroad recently visited the Jordaan’s Noordermarkt to do a special feature on Marije Vogelzang, the Dutch designer whose medium is food.

The Chef Abroad star – Michael Smith travels the globe looking for interesting stories related to food. And he is not just interested in Chefs! He was keen to talk to Marije Vogelzang in her capacity as a consultant designer whose design work focuses on food. Her projects include restaurant concepts, designing special food events and other food related business and design ventures.

Michael was interested enough to come and meet the designer, who views food as an art form, and to visit with Marije her favourite food places. Hardly any surprise then that Marije is a regular at Noordermarkt organic farmers market, which is one of her favourite food locations, and where she likes to browse and shop on Saturdays. .

Since Michael travels the world exploring food concepts and local food markets, we were interested to hear how he viewed the Noordermarkt. He can see why she chose the Noordermarkt. Michael has seen farmer’s markets all over the world. In his view, the Noordermarkt market is a great example of local, personalised food, where the people who shop at the market can make a connection with the food, in a way that never happens in a supermarket. In fact, Michael sees a trend away from anonymous food with excessive packaging and a move towards a back to basics mentality.

You can visit the Noordermarkt farmers market every Saturday in Amsterdam
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Chef Abroad star Michael Smith and Dutch designer Marije Vogelzang among the organic cheeses at Amsterdam's Noordermarkt farmers market, during filming of the Canadian TV series
Michael Smith and Dutch designer Marije Vogelzang chat among the cheeses during filming

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