Contemporary Art Exhibition Amsterdam

This Saturday 14th April 2012 is the opening of the new Contemporary Art Exhibition at Galerie Brandt
Edges of Capitalism 14.4.2012 – 13.5.2012

Contemporary Art Exhibition at Galerie Brandt, Amsterdam, NL

Edge of Capitalism | Middas Zwaan, Golden Arrow

A Dragon on a Flat Land Is a group exhibition and artists include Hester Scheurwater, Robert Roelink, Midas Zwaan, Stephan Muis, Harold Linker and Hans van der Pas.

In 2012 – The Year of The Dragon – diplomatic relations between The Netherlands and The Peoples Republic of China have been in existence for forty years.
This exhibition ‘Edges of Capitalism’ A Dragon on a Flat Land, is a preamble of co-operation between Dutch artists – Hester Scheurwater, Robert Roelink, Midas Zwaan, Stephan Muis, Harold Linker, Hans van der Pas and Chinese artists from Chengdu, China.

Contemporary Art Specialist Gallery in Amsterdam, NL

Edges of Capitalism | Robert Roelink, In The Garden of Life Between Life and Death

Diplomatic co-operation has many facets not least of which is the pursuit of economic growth on both sides, the emergence of close international links is part of the impact of ‘borders’ disappearing worldwide. Although Communism still monopolizes the conversation in China – we also see how the country has been so rapidly seduced by capitalism.

As the title of the exhibition indicates, these Dutch artists want to highlight the sharp edges of Capitalism – the chasm between rich and poor, the loss of standards and values in society and the destruction of individuality and cultural identity – as the cost of globalisation.

New Contemporary Art Exhibition Amsterdam - Galerie Brandt

Edges of Capitalism | Harold Linker, Masters of the Universe | Hester Scheurwater, Shooting Back

After initial contact via the Internet the artists will spend 20 days co-operating on a project in The Netherlands and then 20 days in Chengdu China.
Forty days in total – one day for each year.

The resulting synergy will be exhibited both in The Netherlands and in China…

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